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How to Get First Order For Newbie?

Hi Seniors!
Greetings from a newbie. I hope all are doing well. I need your expert opinion to know how to get first order. I am passionate about working here at this impeccable plaform. I have been giving my time to know about this wonderful site and splendid oppurtunity. I am excited to be wokring all time. I would love if any you share your first experience wi


The first step for you would be to represent yourself honestly. That means not stealing a picture of someone else to use as your profile picture (unless you really are the seventh living Buddha of Dezhu).

Tips you can search here on the forum by using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

EDIT: Good job on changing it!


Hi mate! Hope you are doing well. Do get the first sell you need to work very hard. You will get proper guide by doing this course, which is offered by fiverr and it is totally free.
Learn how to Successfully Freelance on Fiverr

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Welcome to the Community.

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Hlw, welcome to the community. Good luck for you.

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thank you :grinning: