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How to get first order from buyer on fiverr

hey guys,i am adit i have create my account almost one years but i really dont get any buyer.
please help how to get my first order on my gigs bcs this is really important to me!!
i am vector artist here you can see my gigs please tell if there one wrong there
thank you


Hi every one same issue from my side please help me to get my first buyer order

yah,please guys we need a help

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Please we need support for first gig

Welcome to Fiverr…

As a new seller or new seller, you really need to check the top rated seller in your niche, check their gigs title, description and tags (don’t copy), check how they optimize their gigs and use it to optimize yours.

Promote your service on all social media and always stay active on Fiverr…

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thank you thats good tips i have tried to optimize my gigs from best seller as reference but it still make no progress but the other side i really seldom for online now this is make me so really give up.but thank you for reply bodmas

You’re welcome…