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How to get first order help

improve my gig


Send buyer request and share your gig in the social media


There are plenty of tips and tricks topic in our forum so you can always have a look:)
And See what they are suggesting


keep patience.success will come soon inshaallah.


As a buyer, I have bought many graphic gigs… You are in a very competitive niche and you MUST stand out to attract buyers. Honestly, from your samples, I would pass you over probably…

I am not saying your samples are bad or your work is not good. But remember, you have to compete…

Get some more KILLER samples and post them in your gig’s samples. Offer unmatched quality…

When I am seeking graphics, all I look at is the samples… When I find ones I like, usually the sellers already have 5+ orders in the queue because everyone loves their work… All the sellers with only average quality have no waiting orders…

My advice is Up your Game


That was actually a very helpful answer, thank you so much ill take some follow up on this, you are right i need to add some thing more killer.

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For Getting First Order on Fiverr you can try these

Stay Active on Fiverr.
Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, not copy paste template.
Create attractive thumbnails for your gig
Proper Description of your services.
Share your gig on the social media platform.

Good Luck.

I am a newbie on fiverr and your advice is really help.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Send buyer requests and make sure you share your gigs in social media platforms.

Send buyer request and share your gig on social media in your target audience. keep practice and learning

Hi there
Here are few tips that might help u get your first order

  1. find a proper niche to offer your service
  2. write proper optimized gig description so that your gig would appear more in search results
  3. Use attractive gig image and video if possible this will give impression to the buyer that you
    are serious about the service that you offer.
  4. i recommend you to create 7 gigs as a new seller this will give you more exposure to your profile
  5. Stay online
  6. Send buyer requests daily and don’t use templates while sending buyer requests. first read what buyer exactly wants and write a proposal according to buyer’s requirements
  7. Use a good profile picture so that buyers can trust you
  8. Write proper profile bio to attract potential buyers

i hope this would be helpful for you to get your first order


InshAllah thanks bro