How to get First order in fiver within a few days?


How are you doing? I am a beginner in the fiver. How do I get the first order?
Here is my gig


To get your first order, you need to be consistent in sending at least 10 offers daily and always be online. Be creative with your ideas and expertise


Active and send you 10 offer


You need to apply for buyer’s requests. just go to more at the very top menu and select buyer requests, you have 10 requests everyday. try to provide offer the best offer


But I see No requests found.
What can I do?


The buyer’s request are endless. you will find make a refresh or visit the page in another time but make sure that you apply to the projects that you able to do it and provide your best offer


Dear sir i am checking it daily i never find any buyer request
what i am doing wrong plz help?