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How to get first order in fiverr


Hi i am dilip any one can help me. How to get first order in fiver. I am created gigs about php and data entry.


Make sure people see your gigs, for example, promote your gigs on different social media platforms.


How get I order in fiverr?



I am new on Fiverr. But here is my advice.
Make your gig looks so good and put in the best description and photos.
Then check the Buyers request to see if you re gonna be able to accept a project of one of that many customers.
My number one rule is : Check The Buyers Request list


Thanks, Brother. I share my gig for promoting. How much has social media platforms to share Fiverr gig? Please tell me other platforms name.

  1. Make your gig attractive.
  2. Try to the buyer request 10/10
  3. Shere, you gig social media as much as you can


thank i will share my gigs to social media and make looks good my gigs. thanks to suggest me


Facebook,twitter,pinterest,linkedin, google+ :slight_smile:


Yes I’ll do hat o promot my gigs


Thanks For SuggestIon me