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How to get first order, is also my gig good enough?

Hello everyone! :blush:
I’m new here and I wanted to know how can I get the first order? Also is my gig good enough?
I can’t upload more than 3 works in my gallery is that normal?

Sorry for all my questions, but I really want to understand how this works, thank you!


Please enter “How to get first order” in the Fiverr forum search. This question is asked in the forum almost every day.

Regarding your gig I would limit one task per gig. Concept art, plus other things can limit your capacity for discovery here and also confuse buyers.


I think it is good. However, remove unlimited revisions. This world is scary and someone might change their requirements completely and ask you for revision-s. It happened to me and I changed it to 2 revision after that.


Anyway do you suggest me to put 3 different works and adding a text on them saying which one is supposed to be a “Basic” “Standard” and “Premium”? so I can make easier for the buyers to choose which package is most suitable.

thank you, I really hope to get my first order soon!

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Yes, It will help buyer to better understand what he wants. Don’t worry, you will get your first order when you are least expecting it.(joking) I hope you get an order soon.