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How to get first order on fiverr. Kindly guide

Hi, I am new on fiverr and here is my gig. Kindly tell me what is the mistake in my gig because i am not getting my first order.



Your service is also offered by 16942 sellers at the moment.

If you check this search results Data Entry Services Online | Fiverr

This search only gives 20 pages of results, approx. 50 per page. None of them had ever made one sale ever. So that is at least 1000 sellers with no sales. And the actual number if you refresh is most likely around 8000-10000 sellers with no sales.

In order to have sales you must substantially stand out from the crowd and offer superb quality work so clients start returning and recommending you.

If your skills are not on that level, you could have same fate as those 1000 sellers.

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Today someone messaged me about data entry and i reply him but now he is not replying. What should i do now?


If you provided him with your information and what you need to complete his order, nothing. He will contact you if he selects you for the work.

Just wait or hit the client up again with a “HEY” message