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How to get first order on photoshop editings

i am a new seller on fiverr…
i am a professional photoshop editor…
please help me to get my first order quickly…


Hi! I would suggest checking out this post for some info on how to get more orders: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Also, your post is in the wrong category. “Fiverr Tips” and “Tips for Sellers” are for people who have tips to share, not to ask for tips. You should move your post to “Improve My Gigs” or “Fiverr FAQs”. To change the category, click the black pencil by the post title and change the category!

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Follow the link:


There are not only many editors but also gigs related with photo editing in the fiverr.
If you are starting your gig now, it’s quite hard to get first order because buyers could see nothing on your gig. So I advise you keep to publish your portfolios (2 images - before edition and after edition) to social medias (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with your gig links.
When those impressed the people, they will visit to your fiverr page and it will generate traffic to your gigs but also might bring an order.

Good luck.


thanks for your help

This post might be helpful for you

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thanks for your help too