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How to get **first order**?

Suggest me how I can get my first order. After being active and trying over a month, still I didn’t get any order. What should I do?
Thank You.


@nowrin_zahan send 10 offers per day and sharing your gig on social media. Am under 2 months and done 2 orders already :heart_eyes:


Yea, Hi is right. Try your best.


Share your gigs in facebook groups and always be in online


Reply 10 Buyer Request Every Day and Do Social Media marketing.
When you are sending a buyer request first read the buyer request carefully and know buyer requirments .After that reply buyer according to her demand.Then you will get response from the buyer…
Thank You
Happy Freelancing.

I do not see even buyer request :frowning_face:

I do not see any buyer request even, definitely i will check the buyer requirements, it is always empty.

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How Many Gigs You Have ?
Can I See Your Gigs?

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Some categories indeed do not get as much buyer requests

Hi, @nowrin_zahan Welcome to Fiverr. As a new seller, you need to be patient. The most important thing did you arrange your gig properly? Gig thumbnail, Description, pricing, keywords you need to manage those things properly and also create more gigs. Getting the first sale is not very simple. Do some marketing of your gig on social media, Try to send buyer request daily and stay active as much time as you can. I hope you will get your first sale very soon. Best of luck.

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@nowrin_zahan Keep refreshing the buyer request page. The requests show for limited time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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sure, please let me know if i made any mistake

i do always
Will you please take a look , if i did any mistake or missing anything. thank you .

Vaia, I am trying to work on graphic design and digital marketing. but do not know what is going on with my gigs.

@nowrin_zahan share your gigs, it’s ranked then you can get order!

You need to create all 7 gigs like : digital marketing,Seo,Content writing,Logo Design,Flyer design.You Can sell those kinds of services.You Also need to share your gigs in social media and active all time in fiverr.

You need marketing your gigs.