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How to get first order?

i have concerned with many peoples every one says orders depends on reviews left by the previous buyers so how i can get first order then if have no reviews on my profile ?


helo anyone tell me how can i get my first order i am worry

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Reply to @maddisont: please check now thanks

Reply to @maddisont: ok so i should make 2 gigs from these five right ? and use different description for both of them

The easiest way to get noticed is to make your gigs 24/hour delivery, then after a few positive reviews, you can switch it up to 3-days, 6-days, whatever you feel you can handle.

Reply to @samad_designs: Combine them all into one gig. Each gig should offer something uniquely different. Right now, it just seems like you have duplicates of the same thing, and I believe that Fiverr can delete some of them if they find out.

I got my first few orders through buyers request.I kept on sending samples of my writing and atlast after three days of persistent marketing,i got my first order.

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Reply to @fawhash: how i can send request them ?

wait and see the magic :slight_smile: goodluck.

Reply to @samad_designs: Go to my sales and there you will see the option of buyer’s requests.Usually most of the requests are related to content writing.So,probably,you will have to promote your gigs outside fiverr more extensively as well to get any orders.

Reply to @rabiarabia: sorry what magic you are talking about ?

Reply to @fawhash: thank you brother got it bundles of thanks hope it will work :slight_smile:

Reply to @samad_designs: No problem.Wish you best of luck.

You have 5 gigs that are all the same, they are all just logo design you just use different words. And you do not even have more than one picture on each gig. If you want to have success you have to show potential buyers many more than one thing.

then to get your first buyers, you should promote your gig in other places.

Reply to @sincere18 should i create diff description for all gigs?

Try and offer something more valuable than others do in order to get your first order and review. Depending on what market you’re in, it can be quite competitive and you absolutely need something to help you stand out from the crowd, especially as a new seller.

Try make a video of yourself introducing the gig, tweak the title and description, and keywords. Eventually you will get your first order, and when you do, absolutely super deliver. And most likely you will get a great review from the buyer when you super deliver.

Let us know when you do get your first order!



Reply to @sunny_tuesday: Thank you for your very much valuable information please keep checking my profile if you found any mistake must inbox me :slight_smile: i will make videos too

Very valuable tips here.

Personally - I’m struggling to get that first order too. People seem reluctant to order from a New Seller, even when I am offering more than the current sellers.

Still optimistic though - I know someone’s gonna take a chance on me one of these days.

To the OP: Let’s not lose hope! :slight_smile:

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Reply to @newyorksocial: yes you are absolutely right i am glad to all senior sellers there tips are very much helpful :slight_smile:

Reply to @steven1992: wow very nice work you are blessed with great talent wish you best of luck to become super seller :wink: