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How to get first order


hi this is peterson i applied job here in nearly more than one week but i not yet get any more job.give me a recovery to overcome this problem


Go to the tips section. There is a lot of information there.


Please do not ask us how you can make sales, when you are able to find all of that information in the TIPS FOR SELLERS section of this forum. We are not going to make you successful and give you sales. You need to take responsibility for yourself – you need to take the time to research how to be successful here on Fiverr, and put those tips into practice on your own. Your Fiverr gigs are a business – treat them as such if you wish to be successful.

A good business requires market research, marketing research, and lots, and lots of dedication. The same is true of your activities here on Fiverr.


Keep grinding. You will get buyers. Make sure your description is spot on and free of errors. Ask yourself if you read the fiverr, would you buy it? It will take longer than a week, and the majority of the top sellers have been on this for years. Good luck, and don’t let the trolls get you under their bridge.


it takes a while to make your first sale but it will surely come.


you need to polish your profile …it says that you were skilled !


Looking at your Gigs, you only have ONE Gig (which, I suppose is OK if you only are able to do one thing) which limits your visibility on the site. When looking at the Gig description, it is incomplete and way too short. You need to explain in DETAIL what it is you are able to accomplish for the buyer. Looking at your one Gig as it is now, I would NOT order from you - I would wonder if you could even finish the work I need. Why? Well, because you couldn’t even finish your profile completely!


Also, Jon is right - many times during any given day or week, the forums have newbies coming in and appearing as though they haven’t even taken the time to read the previous posts that have a ton of info about HOW to get a sale and rise in the Levels. They seem to just come in, and post the typical, “How do I make a sale here?” posts which not only clog up the forum, but, this question has been answered in detail over the years. A little research or using the SEARCH function in the forum would get you a ton of posts giving you exactly the formula to success here IF newbies would only be so inclined to DO for themselves!