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How to Get First Orders On Fiverr

Hey, I’ve been trying for the past few months to get my first order. But I haven’t gotten any. Please help me (My Fiverr link)


upload more and better gig and do compare with others. And share your gig’s in the social media more and more

Your Tagline is something that you are the Computer Science Engineering Student, but you are offering service of book cover design.
The Tagline should match your skills. That’s the first impression to the buyer.
I will advice you to make collage of your work and upload that in images. As well as the slideshow video of your work.
And offer something for free to attract customers. Like for first 5 customers I will do this additionally.
And don’t forget to send buyer requests daily in an effective and attractive way.
Response Time
And edit this :point_up_2: to 1 HR

I don’t get any buyer requests at all

you can get your order in weeks or it might take months. Rank your gig stay online at-least 12 hours a day. Send buyer request as much as you can. And the biggest thing after doing all this is PATIENCE . :+1: Best Wishes. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:

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Fiverr has given given opportunity to create 7 gigs to New Sellers. Use the opportunity and create 7 gigs.
And Timezone is the major factor. Stay Online.

Making the same type of gig is not possible right?
Shouldn’t each gig be different?

Read the Terms of Service again.

Its Possible. You should divide the category of books. Like for story another gig, for crime another gig.
There are multiple types of books.

In this way your gigs will be different.

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oh ok. I get it. Thanks

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can I use the same pictures or different ones?

Different one. Don’t upload image that are taken from Google. Create some book cover designs and upload them. And Make a good portfolio to show to the Buyers.

I am also. Please pray for us.