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How to get first page at fiverr


So many people are now at first page of fiverr but i am not. this is why.?


You need to work on getting many sales under your belt and progressing through the levels. Once you can get enough sales to get your gig featured, then it will show up on the first page. I would recommend you look through the forum to read up on tips to help generate sales.

Good luck!


It takes some time to build up to certain levels and a reputation on FIVERR, check out the fourm for tips and create a profile that will stand out from everyone elses


What Madmoo said.

When you advertise “re-writing” of articles, people are going to expect correct grammar and punctuation.

If they don’t see that in your description, they most definitely aren’t going to pay you to correct THEIR incorrect grammar and punctuation. xD


I think we all agree, spending some more time to improve your gig description would go a long way.


I am level 2 seller and my rating is 97%. how I will again 100%.


So in regards to what elliott22x said: "You need to work on getting many sales under your belt …"how are u going to make sales if u don’t even show up in the fist 3 pages to begin with?