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How To Get First Sale on Fiverr?



  1. First of all, you need to create at least 3-5 unique gig with an eye-catching Featured image.(Take minimum 7 days for creation 1 gig if need.)
  2. every day,Try to send the offer of 10 buyer request.(in 30days 300 offer . i think you will get at least 1 order from that)
  3. Share your gig in social media (create required social media profile and follow some important page’s or profile on those )
  4. Get 5-star rating with awesome review .(anyhow)

Extra tips: use same focus keyword for Title , description , tag while creating a new gig

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How to get the first sale?

A very helpful advice thanks a lot.


Good Advice for new sellers.:+1:


I didn’t do the first one but the sending of offers was my thing.


I try to send offers for buyer requests. But the problem is, there are few real buyers there. Newbies and old sellers post there intentionally for jobs. Yesterday I counted them and found 16 out of 20 requests. So more than 70% of them aren’t buyers at all. Do you have any suggestions for that? It would be really helpful.


I’ve noticed it’s been filled up mostly with spam, isn’t that against Fiverr’s rules? Most of the real requests are more advanced jobs that I’m not ready to do yet, so ‘Send Quotes’ / ‘Buyer Requests’ doesn’t work well for all sellers.


I’ll go try these out. Thanks!


thanks a lot for sharing your awesome tips…


I can confirm number #2 works, although maybe this is true of freelancers with previous experience. I signed up on Fiverr a little less than two weeks ago and kept sending offers to (the few proper) buyers’ requests, until today someone chose me!

Unfortunately, you need to be stubborn. It isn’t the first time I’ve been contacted by a buyer replying to my offer, but it’s the first the buyer wasn’t trying to persuade me to do an unbelievable amount of work for the lowest rate possible. Moreover, as I said, I think the “Buyers’ Requests” section is especially good for freelancers who already have a portfolio to show; for example, I have freelanced for longer than I have been on Fiverr, so, when I send an offer, I make sure to include a reference to my website, where I have posted a selection of testimonials from former clients.

Thanks for all the suggestions and good luck to everybody with their gigs.


nicely done


Fantastic Advice for new Sellers


I am new here, thank you for your tips


Most Welcome. Best of luck :+1:


Go ahead and i wish you Best of luck :+1:


Best of luck. Hope you will got a better idea from my other posts too.


It’s so important for new sellers. Thanks


Thank you very much


@rajugreenlover thank you for your post. its very helpful . but i think 7 days for a 1 gig creation is a huge time. because if i want to create 7 gigs for your fiverr profile it needs 7*7=49 days for complete your fiverr profile. if you waste 49 days for only creating gigs that means you need more days for find a order in fiverr.

i think 1 days for 1 gig is best for perfect gig.

please don’t mind . i just share my own opinion i have very little experience with fiverr.


HI @subratosaha i mention 7 days for researching the gig before creating any new gig. its searching time and i know people could create 3-5 gig in 1 day. i think its not a good idea. First, they need to search similar gigs and try to catch some important points of his/her new gig


This is exactly right. I just returned to fiverr and all I’ve done for three days is research the changes, participate and read in the community and watch tutorials.