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How To Get First Sale on Fiverr?


@rajugreenlover oh. misunderstanding . Thnx For your replay


A very helpful advice thanks a lot, but a have a question if you don’t mind, where can i find the buyer request?


Go to your “Selling” tab, you’ll find it there, good luck!


thank you i did as u said and i found just one request, is that normal?


@shayma111 Yes, it is normal, buyers don’t post everyday unfortunately


ok i got it thank you very much


I’m very new here :confused: can someone tell me how can I send buyer request?


Good question! They changed the name… Now it is under the name send quotes… SQ is now name it. Good chance!


Helpful Advice Indeed!


thank you very much i didn’t notice that


look at your in your sellers tab


i am new seller…How can i order my gig??


Nice post. really helpful for me


Wonderful Advice…


And if you have some sales now you can read this article. IT will help you further


Thank you for sharing onedna. Just made it to level 1 and chuffed . Going to read your next article.


@shah0001 - I would like to suggest you to use social media, It will also help you


Spamming the forum with the links to your gig will not bring you sales, it will only get you suspended as a spammer.

Self-promotion is only allowed in My Fiverr Gigs. If you do it anywhere else on the forum, you’ll get flagged for spamming.


very useful information…and its really helpful…


I need help… My 2 Gig in first page, last one month but no order yet…