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How to get first sale on new gig fast?

Hey there,
Actually this is my old account on fiverr, this account had a gig on podcast cover design which got many sales with 5 star ratings but suddenly the gig is denied by fiverr. It was a hard time for me to recreate a new gig and rank in on some first pages but I created that anyway, the problem is that I am having problem in getting my first sale on my new gig… Can anybody tell me how to improve my current gigs or get fast first sale…
Thank you

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You made a new account without Fiverr’s permission? For what purpose?

You recreated a gig Fiverr denied?

And now you’re asking asking a question here that has been asked literally hundreds of times?

The solution to your problems is to read before acting.

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I didn’t said I have created a new account I mentioned this is the only account I have and that is old one. Read carefully before posting comments

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If it is an active/current account and the only one you have ever had, it isn’t an “old account.” Old means previous to existing in this phrase.

I read very carefully. You used an incorrect phrase that changes your meaning.

In any case you, recreated a gig after Fiverr “denied” it.