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How to get fiverr order?

Hi Friends,
I have a new Seller at Fiverr, how do I get an order in Fiverr? I have advice to seniors.


Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find lots of tips to help you in the above.

  • 24 hours active

  • Attractive gig title, pricing, and description

  • Submit 10 buyer request every day

  • When a client ask you any questions as soon as possible response

  • Gain advance and useful knowledge about your service

  • Try to give better service than others
    If you can do every point I believe you will get more order in fiverr. Thank you


This has been proven false by many sellers. You don’t have to be active all the time. If people are attracted to your service, they will order. Fiverr doesn’t prioritize online gigs over offline ones.

Beyond those items in the list, one of the biggest things that I have learned from buyers who have come to me from other sellers on Fiverr is that not everyone is honest with their skills/abilities. If you say anything just to get an order, you will end up with bad reviews and people will run for the hills. Be true to who you are and what your skills actually are and you’ll do fine. I say no to a lot of inquiries because I’m not comfortable with my capability to be successful, and I’ve been honest with buyers. The result: those buyers end up coming back to me with other work that I am confident I can do.

The same thing applies to buyer requests, don’t submit 10 buyer requests every day for requests that you don’t have the capability to complete.

Hope that helps!



Thanks for your reply. Everything is okay. But if you do work with honesty I think nobody can break you. And you will success in a time. And we know Fiverr family have huge client and most of the client searching for active seller. But in this time if you will not active. Client will not order you I hope. I have not so many experience but I think it can be right. If not please share with me your experience then I can get more knowledge from you. Thank you


I tried the whole 24h active thing when I first started, but it didn’t yield any more inquiries than when I wasn’t active.


You’re level 2 seller and got 267 reviews. Maybe it’s the result of your hard work.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks a lot for your great information


Actually, I can’t even see any new request on the “buyer request”.
(My gigs about architecture and translation by the way)

Does anyone have any idea about that?

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Can you see your gig in search result?

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Yes. Also, others can see too. Because on the analytics there are some views.

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Try to create attractive gig. That can be help you to get more order

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Main problem is I can’t see any new request on the “buyer request” page. So basically , i can’t send offer to them.

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Hi, try to follow some advices and tips and you will be on your way soon


As a new seller nobody can get more buyer request


Buyers need FAST delivery, online sellers attract buyers :bell:

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That us not been my experience. Most of the sellers that want FAST delivery, usually also want it for half my price. I refuse to discount and stress over 2 hour deliveries. Maybe it’s my niche, but most of my clients are perfectly content waiting for a quality service. I have several reviews exclaiming my “fast” service and my average delivery time is 3 days.

It could very well depend on the niche you are in or your target market.


Check Buyers Request regularly. You can find your order there.