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How to get Fiverr pro Badge or How to verify my gigs for fiverr Pro?

How can i get fiverr pro badge?? can anyone tell me clearly or anyone give me Instruction for this??
Thanks In Advance…


You have to submit an application. Fiverr will then decide whether you qualify as eligible for Pro seller status.

You can submit an application if you follow this link:


can you tell me how can i submit an application for this??

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You could have used the Search function of the forum to find the answers on your own…

Read this: Looking to become a Fiverr Pro?


I edited my previous post to include the relevant link. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your help…


Now I see that you have already asked the same question, and you got the answer.

The answer didn’t change.


Good catch @catwriter. I thought :thinking: I had seen the OP’s profile picture associated with this question before.

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bro but I didn’t get proper answer for it…

I see now that @ahmwritingco gave you the :link: to the application to become a Fiverr Pro, but @catwriter and @uxreview gave you a link to the information page. So I understand when you say:

However, instead of starting a new thread :thread: , it is better to add to the conversation you already made. The Forum stays neat and less cluttered that way.

And FYI @catwriter happens to be a lovely lady. :princess:t2: It is best to call others on the Forum by their usernames and not bro, dear, mate, buddy or any other term. If you call your clients by these types of names you could lose them as clients. :flushed:


If you had clicked on the link you were given in your old thread and scrolled down a bit, you’d find another link (the one stating Read More), and there you’d find the link leading you to the application process.

Pro sellers are typically those who have a lot of experience with bigger clients (like corporate clients), can research on their own when needed, and don’t need step-by-step guidance.

Anyway, good luck!


thank you very much for replying…