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How to get Fiverr's Promotional Boosted Gig Option


I just heard some of fiverr freelancer are getting that option to boost their gig with ad.
Maybe Fiverr top rated or level badge seller are getting that option.

But i’m not getting that “promote your gig” option, maybe as i don’t have level badge but i’m not sure is there any way to get that option in fiverr? :roll_eyes:

I think it’ll be good for newbies or no level seller who’re trying a lot but not getting order.

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This new feature is in beta yet. There is no other way for newbies to have a paid promotion. Every new seller may not be able to buy this option. As a matter of fact, there are these new sellers who are here to sell but with no skills and sense- unserious about their work.
So, like every other business and game, we, as serious sellers, got to cross the milestone to reach the elite class.