How to get genuine clients


I’m new to fiver i have completed 5 orders but all are of less amount how can i get genuine clients


Isn’t anyone who buys from you a “genuine client”? :roll_eyes:


they are but all of them are just 5 or 10$ order , i need clients who can offer me large amount of work with good budget


That sounds a little demanding, don’t you think? Be happy that you are actually receiving any orders at all. There are no guarantees of sales, or sale amounts here on Fiverr. Work with whatever projects buyers choose to order.

Fiverr is NOT a get-rich-quick website. Expecting to get rich is the first step toward failure.


hmm boy you are not a top rated or level two seller. buyer do not wanna take risk to pay a large amount to newbies!! so keep working hard until you get your demanding orders…


here all the buyers are genuine. If you are new here a asking for big project. That will be demanding.


What if you didn’t get that 5? Would that be genuine?


You have to make an old client buy your product.

That’s just great


Well. All buyers are genuine. They just don’t want to take risk when the seller is new.
Small amounts will lead you to Large amount. Be patience :slight_smile:


What I mean by genuine is ‘real’… There are so many resellers that you can see in the platform. They always bargain with you.They are trying to make it $5 if you are selling anything for $10.That’s how they are… and I’m fedup of it…It’s ok to resell in my opinion.But atleast they should give us what we ask… then they can think about to sell it to any price to anyone…

Before making the order, talk to the person… chat with him or her.You will find what he or she is…
Good luck,Happy sales :slight_smile:


Oh, I guess no one told you. Here’s what you do. Call fiverr at 1-800-Mek-Sell and ask for Bob. When you get him, tell him that Mike on the forum sent you and you should be placed on the secret “Gold List” to get all the really good buyers with big budgets. But don’t tell anyone else. They will just have to work for it.


It’s like me walking my :peach: into a Mercedes-Benz dealership demanding that they put me in a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW 2018 C300 for a super low discounted price to fit my budget. Bottomline: here is to be thankful, not ungrateful. Something is better than nothing at all! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You summed it up. People create an account and instantly expects the money river to start pouring in.
Dream on, dreamers :pineapple:


I see you have a gig to help with assignments. Fiverr no longer allows such gigs and is removing them. Suggest you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as a violation can risk your account.


Okay, this information motivated me. thanks for your kind reply


thanks for your positive reply.



Oh, @newsmike you hit me with another old school jam. :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot about that one till you said it.


Thank you,I learn manything from here:heart::heart::heart:


A fine recreation while getting genuine client