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How to get gig featured?


How to get gig featured ?

I am getting verry low gig order and i have 100% rating.


Why then every new fiverr account get featured gig ?

I got way more gigs orders when i just opened fiverr acc.

Any idea why all buyers don’t rate gigs ?


I agree. You need to be UNIQUE :slight_smile: Unlike anyone else on there.

For example I’m a musician and I play toys.

A video editor can be like ill video edit your gig for $5 but that wouldn’t mean any reason to be featured unless you have order and order and the feedback is tip top!! or of course you do it differently because you’re unique.

Just keep thinking about how you can make money, how you can attract buyers and why you deserve it! If you want something enough, you will get it. Obviously it will take a lot of hard work and thinking about how/what you can do :slight_smile: But active minds are the best!



How to be unique ? as i offer web services

Like Wordpress,Joomla,phpBB,… any service that have to do with php scripts

Will add more soon :slight_smile:

Are my representive pic of gig bad ?




Thx for reply :slight_smile:

About pic i am pretty sure that pic is not used everywhere

For wordpress services etc. is hard to offer something new.

As i have postive rating i should be added at recommended tag.