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How to get gig orders through views and impressions?


can you help me with your experience so that I can get my first order through the buyer request. I have sent two buyer requests, but still no reply from the buyers.


Views and impressions don’t have anything to do with buyer requests.


So how can I get buyer requests? My gig is not that bad.


today i have two people said this…
thank you


Your gig actually isn’t the deciding factor here. It’s your proposal to your buyers that will decide whether they want to buy your gig.


Mam can you tell me that how to convince the buyers so that they can buy my gig.


I mean you’ve only sent two, and that’s so few…


so how many buyers requests I have to send so that I can get orders?


Really depends on you. If you write good proposals that address the buyers’ needs, then maybe not a lot. But even good proposals don’t guarantee sales, so you just have to keep at it. You can send ten every day–use those the most you can.


Remember that buyer requests get dozens of responses from sellers. Make sure your messages stand out! Buyer requests are only one way to get customers so look for other ways too!


can you give me some tips about how to write a good buyer request so that buyers gets attracted.


Make your pitch unique. Make sure it reads professionally and has no grammar/spelling errors as well. Make sure the buyer knows your very interested in helping them. Respond with well thought out responses so the buyer knows it’s not just another person quickly scribbling down words to be the first to offer their gig to them!


what do you mean by the term"pitch".


Your sales pitch, as in what makes the services you offer better than the rest.


can you check my gig for once and see that whether the gig is okay with you or not? Here’s the link:


Um… there’s a lot of unnecessary writing…i’m not sure what it is but it looks like you copy and pasted something and it copied over weird and repeated itself over and over again…have you looked double checked your gig description?


It says & nbsp over and over again. I assume this is used in programming? You don’t have to use it in Fiverr, if you copy and pasted that’s probably why it’s there. Just delete them and you’ll be good!


what is meant by nbsp?


I don’t know…it’s on your gig, unless my phone is wigging out! Anyone else seeing the same thing I am?


so what I have to delete from my gig?