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How to get gig video approved

Any one with tips on how to get gig video approved by fiverr editors

Tips on making a Gig Video:

Do not use Copyright protected materials or violate our Terms of Service

Indicate your Gig is exclusively sold on Fiverr

Fiverr is pronounced five-er

Don’t include website URLs or contact information

Videos should be at least 30 seconds long and at most 60 seconds.

Include a simple explanation of what your Gig service is.

Don’t use a computer to narrate your Gig, you need to use your voice

Upload a high quality video (no audio/video syncing issues, weird aspect ratios)

Note: For your Gig video to be reviewed for approval, it must be active. Suspended Gigs do not appear in our view for review.

Thank you for this, I did actually send a message to Fiverr team as I could not find any clear answer to this in the FAQ… Is there any article I did not see?

Why is there a “guideline video” in the cover photo specifications, but not in the video upload?..

I did discover a lot of video denials by trying… Annoying when

"Please Note: You may upload a new video up to three times. After the third

time, Fiverr holds the right to disable the upload video feature." (auto answer signature in a video denial / modifications request mail )

I also had this :

  • The audio quality is too low. Audio is an essential element of video.

    Please make sure that your video contains audio - either a soundtrack or

    narration. Also please make sure that the sound is clean, meaning no

    additional noise that would drown out your main audio message.

Where am I supposed to add ¨Exclusively on Fiverr¨? I am not a video editor. Can I include this in the file name or am I supposed to superimpose it on the video itself?

Most include the “Exclusively on Fiverr” while talking to the camera about the Gig they offer. If you don’t intend to videotape yourself talking to the cam about what you do, I suppose you could open the video with text that says, “Exclusively on Fiverr”.

Also, there are only certain formats that you can have your video be in. I know from experience Windows Movie Maker files will NOT work! LOL


Just present your product nicely and properly in the video & include that it is exclusively sold at fiverr. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

See samples from my gigs.

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Asking here as not to fill the forum with new threads.

“No website URLs”

But, what about adding Is that not allowed?
I wish to share the video outside of Fiverr to promote, so it would be nice to make sure people know that Fiverr is a website, and not say, brick and mortar venue :stuck_out_tongue:

And how much background noise is too much? I only have laptop mic to record, and obviously, it always adds white noise! It’s not as audible coming from speakers, but on headphones, it is prominent.

Also, ran into a problem with windows movie maker saving the recorded voice overs in their own file type that can not be opened in audio editing software to digitally enhance the sound!

My gigs have nothing to do with audio nor video editing… They are visual, so video would definitely boost them, but a no audio video was already denied, I’m afraid to try again with the “white noise voiceover with some drum music cause I don’t have the whole orchestra” version :confused: