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How to get good gig ranking

Hello, everyone. I hope that you’re having a great day. I’m here to discuss my gig ranking. It’s been a long time I am working on this platform and I’m doing a wonderful job, I am getting 5 stars on almost all the orders and clients are very happy with my work, they also recommend their friends too.

But from now, it has been a couple of weeks, my gigs are showing on the last page:( Don’t know why. I am getting 5 stars on all the ongoing orders, but still it’s not improving.

Here is my profile link Please check this and help me

Please, help me to improve my gigs and let me where I am lacking. I will really appreciate your help.



@pjangid I want to Know also!?

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The most important thing is to find the best keywords for your gigs. Like if you search typing Wordpress SEO , you will find 4-5k gigs. But if you search Yoast SEO then you will see the difference.

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@pjangid you have 10 orders in queue in your first gig, you have 4 orders in queue in your second gig and 2 orders in queue in your third gig . I don’t know the kind help you need right now, probably your gig is affected by algorithm gig rotation.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Can you please give me any suggestions?

Keep delivering quality service and your gig will bounce back

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I do not think you are going to get any help here, not because people do not want to help, but because of the reason already mentioned.

You have orders. So what exactly is the problem?

95% here on the forum who are asking the same questions as you have 0 orders for weeks months a year.

How much of improvement you want/need? Comparing to 100000 people who do not have one single order?


My all gigs are suddenly on last page. Don’t know why.

But once again why does it matter you have orders.

Did you read that 100000 other seller have no orders, no money, no income, nothing?

The only downside to gig rank is doing gig rank SEO
You can see my gigs
I’m gig new but all my gig fiverr is on the first page