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How to get good long term design work on fiverr

Please suggest me how to get new work for long term on fiverr.

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Please guide how to contact the buyer on the fiverr for work . I m new to it

If you’re new then you need to start reading the forum and Academy. Check the link I gave you and start from that.

AND stop stealing stuff from others. (Your Gig description)


Try to be original and creative. Present yourself honestly and provide your clients top service with the highest quality.

thanks for ur suggestion . is there any way to contact the buyer directly on fiverr ?

You’re going to need to develop a strategy. Plan out how you wish to build your gig brand, figure out who your target customers are (or will be), and design your gig to be eye-catching to this group of people.

Success here on Fiverr is about more than just hoping for sales. Earn those sales, and develop loyal buyers that will become loyal repeat customers.

You can either approach Fiverr as a place to hopefully make a few dollars (if you’re lucky), or you can work hard, promote, test, experiment with various ideas, and turn your gigs into a business that earns you a living.

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It’s very good.I am older but starting at present at Fiverr.

So, you are new at fiverr…

Thanks for the share! I’m so happy to be able to reach out to so many people :slight_smile:
Thanks to you!!

Become an instant Fiverr PRO seller and earn thousands with just a few completed orders. Doesn’t get any better than that :smiley:


yes but not new in design work and have worked in different sites . may i kow about u ?

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As many of us. Good luck!

It’s a little more involved than that. Just because someone creates a gig, doesn’t guarantee that they will gain sales “and earn thousands” with a few quick orders. Obtaining orders, even here on Fiverr, requires a strategy, marketing, off-site promotion, and a great eye-catching service. A good seller has to work to build their brand here on Fiverr, just as anyone would have to do anywhere else.

In addition, becoming a Fiverr Pro seller is by no means “instant”. As I’ve heard it, the application process actually takes a good deal of time, with many people still waiting for word on whether they have been accepted into the program or not.

I’m glad you are excited about the Fiverr Pro program, but it might be wise to reign in that excitement a bit, and not give people false hope. :wink:

Have you ever heard about sarcasm? :stuck_out_tongue: (read between lines)

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No, I have not. …


That explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. It proves that I am extremely familiar with sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue:

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