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How to get good results from seller

Hi, I am entrepreneur, I do have a lot of buyers on fiverr and out of fiverr as well.
Remember <b>Communication</b> is the key.
<b>Narrow Down Your Requirements</b>
If you want a website done for you, divide it in parts, don’t throw it as a whole, let me tell you the advantage of that.
1- You will have an idea on which part of your project seller is working right now, and what is the progress of your project.
2- Suppose seller was good only at design, not on the back-end, and he made a great design for you, but is taking a lot of time on back end. you will only give him money for design, you won’t have to waste your time following him.

Also, communicate and discuss as much as you can, and don’t change the requirements without any reason, and pay the seller accordingly.

when you demand for work with cheap rates, seller don’t work with heart.

Please let me know about your feedback.

Agree, buyers must follow these guidelines…

I dunno, be a normal person and research options before ordering? No need to complicate affairs.

haha :smiley: I am enjoying your comments. Thanks for the comments.

I like your tips. I would love to hire someone to make a website but it’s so far not possible to find the right person. I don’t want a generic website.

@misscrystal, wordpress is your friend.There’s billions of free templates for a unique look, miliions of premium templates for that extra polish and plenty of CMS devs & graphic designers who can work with you to create a site you love.

@misscrystal I sent you message, please let me know about your requirements.

You are going to be bombarded with offers for saying that! :slight_smile:

Very useful post!

Millions yes but finding one, selecting one, where, how? I’ve looked around on fiverr and see few who make complete websites, custom made, with lots of reviews and samples of complete good looking sites. I can grab a template and put it on fiverr too but that’s not what I’m looking for.

agreed with your post @hamidsheikh, but sometimes even the requirements are not clear and we are not fully aware of the technologies. It causes problems and miscommunication too…

exactly, this cause the project to cancel.

I agree, communication is the key :slight_smile:

@misscrystal i will recommend you to write down a PDF which contains all your requirements along with a few examples screens google. this will help you and the seller. only order if the seller is able to completely understand the Requirements. i hope you get a decent seller :slight_smile: . good luck


Actually in this situation I don’t think she was trying to be funny. She was giving some pretty solid advice.

I wholeheartedly support your thought.