How to get help letting people here see my gig


How can I promote mygigs here


Don’t promote them here on the forums. Figure out who your target market is, and go to wherever they are located. Promote to them there. Marketing is about reaching out to customers, and brining them to you.

It’s not easy either, so be willing to put in a lot of hard work.


First you should try the best to improve your gig before thinking about promoting. Your gig title says - “I will phychic reading friend love”.

  1. It`s not “phychic”, it is “psychic”.
  2. This title currently looks like you had just stuffed your keywords in the title. You need to work on a new one.


Definitely improve the gig to the max of your capacity, and than share it on social media or with specific people who need what you do to give you a little bust in the beginning :slight_smile:


Sorry but fiverr said what I said was fine and it is psychic