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How to get hired without spending a dollar

I’ve been on fiverr for a few days now and none of my gigs have been requested. I would really like to know if there’s any way to get more people to see my gigs or if there’s any way to see people’s requests ?

1st step is to have at least one good gig (eye catching title + picture + motivating descriptions + tags + SEO optimization for title, description and tags);

2nd step is to get traffic from most important social media websites (twitter, facebook, linkedin, reddit, etc). You can try to share your gigs on these websites (but you’ll get very low traffic from new profiles), or you can let somebody else to driva social media traffic to your gigs.
Try this 2 steps and after a few days or weeks you’ll start to get sales (1 or a few sales per week at the begining, then maybe you can get daily sales).

Keep an eye out on the Buyer Requests. I look over them daily and put out a bid on anything that is within my ability.

Where can you find the buyers requests?
I can only find a way to request, but I don’t want to request myself.

Check out the Buyers Request. I got my Level 1 badge from there.

Update: Ended up finding it ahaha