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How to get huge order?

I have got my first order early this month, but their is no order within 15 days, what is the problem? i want to get more order, how it will continue…


How about you focus on being a great seller that earns any kind of order, instead of expecting huge orders as a new and not-yet-established seller. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website.


You have to need active more on Fiverr

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@jonbaas well said :heart_eyes:

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I am newbie here and would really love to know the answer for your question.

Do research on successful gig and try to create gig better than them

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The best way to get Huge order on Fiverr platform is to stay very active for nothing less than twenty hours daily and be COMPETENT in your area of specialisation

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When it comes to getting larger orders, the best approach is to do the following:

  1. Treat every order as if it is your only order. What I mean by this is providing unparalleled quality on each and every delivery
  2. In doing so, you build trust and reputability that will lead to exceptional reviews and repeat buyers
  3. As your profile improves through social validation, you will be able to better justify higher prices (corresponding to the heightened quality of work you always provide)

As a pro tip, always be sure to offer up-sells if you notice that there are other ways you could help a buyer!

I hope this helps :blush: The bottom line is to be patient, ALWAYS provide high quality, and never underestimate the value of a great up sell.

Best of luck,

Thanks to all for better suggestions

hi, can you elaborate active more? thanks

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You should pay more time here. Do not loose hope.Work hard. Best wishes.