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How to get impression, click, and massage

Happy Ramadan to all. Hope everybody is well.
I have been in Fiverr for about 5 months. I take web design training from a top IT company in Bangladesh and after completing the course everyone joins here. In between, two of my classmates who are less expert than us are getting orders and we all were helping them to do their order but I don’t get enough impression, clicks and I don’t get orders.
Seeing this situation, confidence is losing from freelancing.
Many people say that you learn first, then come to the marketplace and then you will get the order.
Brother, I have come to the marketplace after completing the working flame. If I don’t get any message or order, then how can I prove the quality of my work?

Request: Now I want advice from experts on how I can get an order.
Hopefully, the experts will give the necessary advice.
Thanks and Regards

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Brother, Please share your GIg then people can give you suggestion if there any change needed or not


for importation, your gig title, the description should e SEO friendly Then for click your gig image should be so attractive and the price should be stranded like a beginner.
and share your gig on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…

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