How to get in Featured List


Can anyone suggest me How to get in Featured List. What things have to maintain to be featured.


they are hand picked by fiverr editors team.
granting great service to buyers is the key to be featured.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your reply,
We always maintain great quality service. :slight_smile:


If you are featured it does not automatically mean you get orders if you have a gig no one wants to buy. This is not uncommon.

Most featured gigs now are not too popular and have only a few reviews.


Yes. that’s true. I checked. Now In days most of the gigs are new but listed in featured list. I don’t know what happen. What algorithm is behind featured listing.


Actually a gig is probably best shown in the category it’s in since that’s where the most buyers for it will be looking. I’m really not sure that the featured gigs do that well. It’s best to have your gigs shown where the buyers for it are.


I hope so…


The odds are strong that you will never be featured. And you don’t need to be featured in order to be successful. @misscrystal is right, being featured will NOT guarantee you more sales.

I suggest that you focus on something you can control, like: marketing your gigs to the people that need your services, creating captivating gigs and gig descriptions; and delivering high-quality work that helps your gig rise to the top of the rankings.


Definitely I will try those. I always try to satisfy my client with quality work.
Can you assist me how to promote my gig.


Take some time and conduct an internet search for “how to market something” and you will find plenty of tips and advice. You need to take responsibility for your own learning. I do not have the time to give you a step-by-step guide to success.

YOUR success is YOUR responsibility.


Sure. I will try.
thank you,


Oh men what is this?? :confused: :confused:


what happen Sir…
share with us.