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How to Get Less Orders and Why


It’s 100% confirmed by this forum that its not good to get comfortable with receiving a lot of orders on Fiverr. I see the same post every day, by a different author, with many variations. That post can be summed up as: "I am used to making all of my money on fiverr, and then fiverr changed something, now I don’t make enough money to live"

That’s scary!! I feel for those people! It’s got to be horrible to work hard and get to the point where you are making a decent living, and then all of a sudden fiverr bury’s your gig in search, or some other change that reduces your income.

I want to travel the world, what if I end up somewhere I don’t know anyone and Fiverr makes some change and I’m landscaping just to eat, instead of doing what I love? There are worse possible scenarios, too.

So I’ll keep raising my prices, until I don’t get as many orders as I want. I think its working, but it hasn’t stopped my repeat customers from ordering with me. When a gig edit caused one of my gigs to disappear from search over a week ago, I didn’t contact customer service to fix it. I kept editing the gig, and improving it.

Apparently if you want to be successful on fiverr you need to be able to promote your gigs. Well, I don’t have any active social media accounts from before I started on fiverr. So now I’m on twitter, finding people who tweet about what I’m interested in, re-tweeting their posts, occasionally coming up with an intelligent response. At 20-60 minutes a day, in a few months I should have an audience to promote my gigs to.

Once I reduce my orders enough that I have actual free-time, I’m going to blog on medium, linkedin, and steemit. A few months of that and I’ll have a bunch of material that I can move over to a fiverr approved site and create a nice portfolio; I’ll also have a few more venues to promote my services.

Less orders would also give me time to find more chat rooms and forums where I can build a presence, get to know people, and eventually be able to promote my services there.

Even though I like how customers message me, and I don’t have to go out and find them, or deal with making sure I get paid. I can also use some of that free time to figure out how to market my services to individuals without an intermediary…

Of course, I’d love to have a look at some of the decentralized marketplaces that are popping up too, and go check out some of fiverrs competitors to have a real baseline to be able to judge much I enjoy the way fiverr does its job.

There are so many ways to improve my business that I don’t have time for right now. I’m looking forward to spending a month or two of earning less money so that I can protect myself from becoming over dependent on Fiverr.


I’m with you. Some time ago I had a lot of orders, and consequently a lot of stress. I decided to increase my prices. The order continued coming and coming. I increased the price again. I thought once I was able to have more time I’d decrease them. Well, now I have less work and more money, but no time to research business: whenever I have free time I get lazy.
I have my own website and my goal is to get more business from there. I need more time