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How to get level 1 and Level 2? PLEASE HELP


I’m 2 months and 10 days old in fiverr

I got:

  • 130 Positive feedback
  • 2 Negative feedback

    and 19 cancelled order

    Is there anything wrong why i’m still below level 1? Your response is really a big help to our team. Cheers…


Is 8% is a high cancellation rate? … And i’m also a 5 star seller even though I have 19 cancelled order. Thank you guys for your response… It helps a lot…


And why a dispute is considered as cancelled order. When buyer accidentally click the order button and request a dispute order…


Batter you contact with fiverr customer support!! In general you have to sell 10 gig in one week, then you will get 1 level seller.


To get Level 1 badge you should have,

30 days active on Fiverr

Completed at least 10 individual orders

Maintain a 4 star rating and above

Have a low cancellation rate

I can see your cancellation rate is very high so may be your level got hang… To avoide cancellation please write proper description in gig.


It is probably the cancellation rate, but customer service will be able to tell you the most accurate reason why. Good luck!


You must need to contact with Support they will help you.


Reply to @logo_desing: On the Levels page it says 10 sales in 30 days, not a week. I imagine it is the cancellations that is causing this particular problem.


As i think your cancellation rate is high. i reach level 2 within 2 month.


Customer Support will tell the reason, though as everyone else has already stated that it seems that high cancellation rate is the main culprit here.

I started a few months back too got to level 2 in exactly two months, I have had bad experience with bad buyers/scammers too. If you haven’t done yet then it’s time you add this one line to all your gigs

"Please message before ordering to avoid any miscommunication"

That would get the conversation going and you’d know what you want to or don’t want to do. Hope that helps

Best regards,

Muhammad Ahsan