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How to get Level 1 seller badge?


I get 7 reviews. When I have 5 reviews fiverr analytic say 90% complete for level 1 seller. But Already complete 7 reviews but now same status. What happened ?


You need to be a member for at least 30 days as well.


Yes I m working here 2 month!


Have you read this?


Your positive rating is lower than 90%. If you’ve got some cancellations on record too, you may be barely outside the requirements for a level. You could ask Customer Support.


I think you have to make 10 sales and you must be a seller that has been selling on fiverr for more than a month.


I have made only 2 sales, I need 8 more sales to climb up the Ladder.


I have 7 sell already and 2 pending and i am active last 2 month.


90% is your rating and you have to complete 50 orders in 2 months to upgrade on level 2


But i can’t pass level 1 yet.


If you have 7 sales total and 2 pending, that only makes 9 and some are incomplete. In addition, you’ve got to line up with the rest of the levels page at As mentioned, your reviews are very close to the line and I don’t know what your cancellation rate is, so even when you get 10 sales you may need to raise your stats to get a badge. If you aren’t sure after 10 completed sales you can contact Customer Support and ask.


you can do it , 8 is not a lot, in a week you have 70 offers that you can send to buyers requests and something might happen, fingers crossed


Thank you for the Word of Advice.We will all get to the top of the ladder.


yeah ! Dear! I will leader !! :slight_smile:


Yes! Definitely the sky is big enough for all the birds to fly


Hey guys?
What can I do to my gigs to help improve the number of buyer requests available? For now I have seven gigs and I can only see 170 buyer requests most of which I have already placed bids for.
Any help will be highly appreciated…