How to Get Level 1 seller


So I have sold a handful of Gigs and want to sell more. I share over social media but it doesn’t really work… I want to get more exposed and also become a level 1 seller because I know that people would actually be more likely to buy my work…


Hello Dollar,

I have viewed your profile and discovered that you joined fiverr 16 days ago and already sold couple of gigs it is a good sign. I think you will achieve the level within very short time. Just keep selling and getting positive review. When you successfully sold 10 gigs then automatically got level 1. Though fiverr tell us that if any seller wan to be level one seller he or she has to sell 10 gig within 30 days but it is totally wrong idea. I became level one seller after 6 months. Now I am waiting to be level 2. for more go to following link


Best of luck


Read the information supplied by Fiverr on levels before coming to the forum. It will answer most of your questions.


sold 14 GIGs in 30 days, 100%rating and no cancellations and yet no Level1 :frowning:


Thank you very much for helpful answer.