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How to Get level 2!

Hi Guys, I have done 69 orders on fiverr and got 39 reviews my question is how to get level 2 how many orders i should complete to get level 2 ?

I think to get level 2 you have to get 50 orders in two months for example if you get 30 orders in 2 months then you can’t earn level two

wait for top seller feedback
I also clear 14 orders today, but still did not receive level 1 badge

Mudasiransari maybe Fiverr is keeping an eye on you because i saw your profile and you have got 8 reviews from same person and i doubt you did review exchange

You have to make 50 orders with rating between 4-5 within month or lesd than month.

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It is within 2 months. for example if you get minimum 50 individual orders during June 23 - August 23. And of course all excellent ratings.


Thanks you guys but i would love to hear from level 2 or top sellers

complete 50 orders with high ratings in 2 months and you will be on level 2

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But I know an account who reached level 2 with only few completed orders. Did fiverr change the system in any case?

I think If you want to make yourself as a level 2 seller you should send buyer request in everyday.

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It’s not possible to earn Level 2 without reaching Level 1 and then completing 50 orders within 2 months (with excellent rating, that is). This account may just be cheating by sticking a Level 2 badge on their pictures or something. If that’s the case, you know where the report button is :slight_smile:

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Is your cancellation rate high

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I have no idea how did I get to level two but when I got it I had a good surprise. What I will recommend is continue doing what you are doing: providing good service and have fun. Too much expectation leads to much disappointment. cheers. :slight_smile:


yea i agree with her they may be using a profile picture where they attached level 2 badge.

Absolutely agree with you. Working hard with a passion will get us to the top :slight_smile:


All should be honest in profession, that’s the key of success.

Excellent tips! 1,000% agree. Fiverr-ing is fun! :slight_smile:

check out the other gigs from the same user he definitely got some other sales too, because you can’t get Level 2 less than 50 orders in two months

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just check your order you have individual 50 orders? 50 individual order is must be important for seller 2 :slight_smile:

@rizidesigns23 for your kind information, my buyer has given me a project , I had to design his complete brand for which he placed separate order and I asked him to give me separate reveiew on each.

none of my client is a seller

think +ve :slight_smile: