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How to get level one seller status back?


Do you just keep up positive ratings for a certain amount of time or is there more to it? I lost mine a while ago.


Typically you have to get back to all the qualifications for Level 1 on the Levels page including resolving any ToS violations. Keeping your account on Pending or Vacation like yours is now won’t do you any favors if you need to re-build your reputation. Taking in consistent small orders and getting good reviews is a good way to go about that part (without violating ToS) because you show that you are a good seller.

The reason I suggest small orders is because if you have had account problems, it is easier to rebuild, overdeliver and work with buyers on small transactions. It might be different if you had been at a higher level than 1 before. Please don’t PM me about the issue, by the way, I am not Fiverr staff and can only help you by offering you tips on the forum.


My account is on vacation? I had no idea lol. I thought i was active.
Anyway, I broke a rule a while back, and haven’t really been active since. I just needed to know the requirements for when I have more active periods. Looks like I’ll just need to keep the good ratings up. Thank you! Hope to get my level 1 badge back one day :slight_smile:


To get level1 badge…

First condition is,

30 days active on Fiverr