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How to get Likes, Followers, views on Social Media FREE And Easy

You might have noticed that there are lots of gigs here on fiverr that sell Social Media likes, comments, follower…

Now as an internet marketer I know how this is working and I am not going to sell a gig like this, because it is not worth the money instead I will share a little bit of the secret in this post.

Ok so what is it those sellers use to get you Social Media Likes, followers, views,…?

They use websites where you can earn credits by liking someones page for example and in return you can spend those eanrned credits for getting likes or view or whatever you like. A website that I use is fragglesrock (http://jFRAGGLESROCK).

Now it meight be a painfull proces to sit there behind your computer and liking pages to get some credits. Now this is where the fun begins as I can go around this by using an automated click system. Once this is set up correctly I can just walk away and play with my dog, go shopping and return back after a few hours with 1000 extra credits on my account.

After I made my campaign on join 4 likes I set the cost per like to 10 credits, so every like is 1 credit; but I don’t care because I can generate credits faster then I spend them, so this is how you can easely get 1000 likes or followers or YouTube views and much more.

If you are intersted in this subject then you can make an account at fragglesrock by clicking here: http://FRAGGLESROCK

If you like to learn more about the automation of eaning credits then you should purchase my $5 express gig.

I’ve put work in it to make you a nice tutorial with pictures and a video screen capture of the actions I take to set up a automation process + you get the autoclick programm for free.

Hope I helped you guys out with this topic


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