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How to get long-lasting Success on Fiverr?

Hello! Greetings
My name is Waqas Talib. I started Fiverr since Mid-June. I got 3 high paid orders only in 2 months it’s a big achievement for a new seller. I got my first order only in 7 days but how can I do this? First of all, I am not a level 1, level 2, or top-rated seller. I am only a new seller but some tips that I share with you to get quick success on Fiverr is only base on my 3 to 4 months experience So all sellers are very respectable for me if you found any mistake so please tell me.


  1. I send 10 buyer requests per day with organic writing (Organic means not use templates)
  2. I send an offer to my buyer request in very detail not too lengthy or not too short.
  3. I send offers to buyer requests after a deep study of the project.
  4. I send buyer requests only on Laptop or PC. (On mobile application some features of buyer request not work or shown)
  5. Every buyer request is not made for you so please read buyer request carefully if it matches your expertise then send an offer otherwise reject it.


  1. I write a very good description which introduces me and my services very clearly.
  2. I passed 5 Fiverr skill tests according to my services.
  3. Fiverr skill test is a great way to verify your skill and gain buyers trust.
  4. I complete my profile 100%
  5. I write a very attractive tagline that shows underneath your profile picture.


  1. Please add your face photo to your profile picture section.
  2. Please add an attractive tagline according to your services.
  3. Send 10 buyer requests daily until you become level 1 seller.
  4. Upgrade your gigs according to SEO.
  5. Be loyal to your services and keep hustling.
  6. Give respect and deliver high-quality work.
  7. Always try to active(Online) on Fiverr.
  8. Hard work is the key to success on Fiverr.
  9. Always be motivated.
  10. Make a goal and go for it.

Best wishes for your Journey of Fiverr.