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How to get many of reviews with just one order!

I don’t know if it’s allowed. A buyer wants to order $50 from you and you decide to share it 5 times just to get 5 reviews and completed orders. Is this against fiverr TOS?


Yes. Don’t do this. It is an attempt to manipulate the system. Don’t risk it.


As far as I know it is seen as manipulation of the review system and so it would not be a good idea.
Also, you would be giving a buyer the opportunity to basically ruin your account if they happen to not like what you have done for whatever reason.


Is it against any TOS?

Yes - review manipulation, plus the buyer would need to pay more fees, so it would be more expensive for them.


Manipulating the review system is against ToS.
If you are unsure or want to try it, contact CS to get permission or you are taking a risk.

Also, from a buyer perspective, I would just move on to a more professional seller.


How would the buyer pay more fee. Please explain

It doesn’t really matter - please read the advice you’ve been given above.

It’s not worth it to break the ToS. :sunny:

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Thanks for all your advice

Because for each transaction the buyer has to pay and additional fee and when fiverr finally catches up, you will pay the ultimate price “a blocked account”. 2 days later you will start to rant about how your account was blocked without any notification and how support is ignoring your messages


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