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How To Get many Orders In start

Hi There,
I hope you People are fine.
I had joined fiverr last year I had not received too much orders in start. I had got first order too late. But now i’m very happy with fiverr orders.
Ok let me show you what to do to get more n more order,
Here are few point which I had learnt from My experience.

  1. You profile Picture should be real with smiling face
  2. Your Description of gig didn’t relate with your description of profile. Like in profile you had write you are a best developer and in description you are describing your are best designer. You should write for both that you are logo designer and developer or you should write for same category.
  3. Your gig description should relate with your packages description.
  4. You should write your own description and choose write keywords.
    If all of things relate with each other and customer check your profile with smiling face and professional description He/She must order you.

You can check my gig here for inspiration.


But I don’t see your profile image is “with smiling face”… :thinking:

Away from this suggestion being new and its effectiveness put into question, how can you advise others to do something you’re not implementing yourself? :thinking:


Yes I had photo with smiling face. But due to bad result my photo was not looking good so I changed it few hours ago I’ll upload one within few hours you can check it.

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@logo_designer76, be sure to wear a Colgate smile for better results.