How to get maximum orders and raise up your account


Here are couple of things you need to adopt in order to convince your buyer and increase your revenue:

– Be aware with the market rate and Make your standard in the market, do not lower/higher your price because at a time buyer talking to many sellers.
– Promote your gig to get clicks and impressions to make your gig position strong in the particular category so more buyers can approach you.
– Send buyers request in request section, it is a healthy approach to capture buyers when your gig is little low.
– First understand buyers requirements then explain your services to them according to their requirements.
– Clear your services to your buyers to gain their trust.
– Let your buyers to ask more questions this make them clear, safe and confident about your work.
– Use simple and clear words which can be understandable by every buyer because on fiverr people are approaching you from over the glob.
– Take little risks while capturing orders, it makes you more adaptive to learn new things.

There are many more, will post them in my new post:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:


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Attention please expert seller, I have joined fiverr about 1 years ago. I gave 3 gigs. Now I am…razzak




agree with you Haris