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How to get maximum reviews from Buyer?

I got more than 15 sales with 3, $20 extras in my new gig in last 7 days. But i got only 3 reviews. That means only 20% people was interested to show his feedback publicly.

I provide around 25% extra to make my buyers satisfied. Still no positive result.

Do you have any other idea to get more positive feedback?

Yes make a template for when you turn in gigs.

Like for me I personally use the following:

"Thank you again for your order. It is now complete, so please before you rate this gig, review it for any discrepancies or if you would like some alterations. This way you can give a chance to rectify any issues or discrepancies for you.

Note: I am giving you multiple takes for you to choose from. Let me know if there are changes you would like and I will be happy to do them as soon as possible for you.

If you are satisfied with everything, please remember to mark it as complete as well as rate and review the quality of work you feel you received for this Gig.

One last thing. If you would like to, check out the other gigs and ask about a returning customer discount.

Thank you "

You can of course copy it and customize it to your own needs… but it gives a reminder to them to rate…

Also a reminder message if it sits as finished but they still haven’t rated you after 2 days:

"Just a friendly reminder. As a gig provider on fiverr, we live and die with the closing and ratings we receive with our gigs provided within a timely manner. I would greatly appreciate it if you would close and rate positively on the services you received, if you are satisfied with my obligations that were met on time.

If you are needing adjustments for the received product, please allow me to rectify it for you before you close and rate it so I can give you what you wanted and still receive a positive rating. Otherwise, with out you doing so, it can negatively effect our ratings on fiverr."

just something I use… but you will still get those buyers that wont rate you.

Just text them while delivering your work to write some positive reviews, if satisfied. Make sure to express your support gesture as well, in case they want any modification.

I always add to my order deliveries, "As always, my goal is 100% satisfaction. I want you to feel great about leaving a five-star positive review, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your order, please let me know so I can make it right."

Of course, some people just don’t want to leave feedback, and no matter how much that irritates me, there just isn’t anything I can do about it.

@ryan9999, not working…

@jamesbulls, yes, we have nothing to do… but still if someone have better idea…

@ardicus, i wrote same message in my own words on delivery report and reminder message. But, you messages are really strong than mine. I like it, thank you so much.

I always try a gentle reminder upon signing the gig as delivered to please leave a feedback and let me know if there’s anything they’re not totally happy about then to let me know

Reply to @dsgnr_: What is you result? How many people leave their feedback?

Just keep up over delivering and the gentle reminder, some guys just get there order and go away without looking back. I think it is ok to let them know you could make changes if they are not happy with the service.

@ardicus thanks for the helpful tip.