How to get more 5 Star Ratings from completed orders who haven't rated yet


Ratings and feedback are tough to beg for as some people only order once from fiverr and bolt, some people don’t want to waste the time, and some just don’t know how to. However, the one’s that do can make you or break you.

Here are my stats for this:

6288 completed 2.2K not rated. Only 8 negative through almost 4 years.

One thing I do if I’m looking for a little boost in feedback (usually when I get a 4 star review or lower for whatever reason) is go to the completed orders in the last 23-27 days who didn’t rate and send them a kind message to induce them to. So far, not one person has rated below 5 stars that I have sent this message to.

"Hi, I see you didn’t have the time to rate the gig 5 stars. If you could, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and have a great day! - DTong"

You will find that some people will do it in a second or they reply kindly that they must have forgotten and get it done for you.

I say the last 23-27 days because after 30 days, they can’t rate anyway.

You’re not going to get everyone who didn’t rate to do so, but it will get a few extra 5 stars per month just by doing this I guarantee it.

Go get those 5 stars! :slight_smile:

DTong (TRS)


Great Tips! :)>- It is very informative.


Thanks this is nice to know but i hope fiverr will do something about “not rated” maybe 50% of not rated shold be calculated as positive (this is best solution)


Reply to @kreativa: I would go 7 days and beyond as some sellers want to wait to see results or how it all pans out until they rate and don’t want to be pressured to do so otherwise you may end up with 4’s and 4.5’s [-X


Good one! :slight_smile: I`ll test it out with the recent sellers and see how it converts.


Thank you very much for your great tip…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips!

I’m a newbie here one of my first clients is yet to rate a completed task, so I was curious if messaging him was appropriate.