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How to get more and more impression and view to my gig?

Please help me in knowing that how would I be able to get more and more impression and views to my fiverr gig? I am applying all the methods as I know like facebook sharing, twitting, LinkedIn sharing, etc. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::face_with_monocle:


You can try forum marketing.

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@mostafijulhoque What is forum marketing? And is that working for you? I just saw you asking why are you not getting any orders or messages.


If any doubt just search google or youtube as forum posting

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No that’s not good enough for me. What is the real proof?

There are a lot of sellers like yourself making videos on YouTube saying to spend more time on the forum to get more orders which is absolute bs.


I just want help. You belive it or not your decision.

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It’s not a matter of me believing or not.
It’s a matter of advising potentially harmful things. It’s stated in forum guidelines that you should speak and advise things only based on your experience. And you are advising something not proven and don’t even bother to explain what do you mean by “forum marketing”


You can not mislead the sellers by giving wrong information . If you are true that forum marketing works then you should already get some orders …


hello :grinning:
for more gig impression and views, you have to share your work in social media. make your audience and it takes the time, you have to stick with it.

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Thanks for your advise.

My killer gig overall statistics keeps going down, all with down red arrows. Even the gig got demoted from the first page to 5th page. No orders for the past week! Please, what can I do? Somebody help!!! Afraid this might not end well…

NB I am a Level two Seller