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How to get more and more job?

i am working hear more then 9 months but do not get so much work hear, i know my work so well. i want to know how to get more and more more job hear.??

@shakil247 make some videos of yourself explaining your gigs. good luck!

of my work?? or my lecture about my gig.??

My advice… read these forums. Many sellers have posted plenty of advice to help you set up your gigs to bring in more work/income.

A lot of getting gigs is to offer top notch customer service and try to offer something that is unique.

Also, be clear and make sure you are showing samples of your work.

Finally, be patient. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get noticed. :slight_smile: Just hang in there.

You can use social network to promote your gigs or you can share it with your friends

And you need a best work samples on your gigs

If you don’t like being on camera, use this guy.

no need to do so much thing i joined 11 month ego fiverr that was my think that fiverr is not too good web site but one day i start again from the bottom of heart and i have 11 order with 5 days and my Business card is on first line How this happened because i used seo type description and good photo and nice title because people are copying and past other people title and description but don’t do that if you want to make Money than you need to write what you can do and what is difference between you and others because there are so many people working on fiverr so start with new style with new offer and when any one read your offer description than stop there and order for your offer Thanks Good Luck :-h

thanks to all to giving me advice.