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How to get more buyer requests?

3 days ,too short.maybe your first order will come in 3 months! not 3 patient!


What?:scream::scream::scream::scream: 3 months?

It’s very long time
…so should I log out for three months?

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log out? then maybe you need another 3 months! be patient


Bro I got a single order the day before yesterday I delivered my work to him and he accepted but there is no review or any order completed status on my profile yet

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Be that is the only thing you can do

So are you a seller or buyer?

both a seller and a buyer


Can you buy something from me?

there is no gig what i need now

What you want sir?
I can almost everything related to videos , photo, writing and anything

It will mean a lot to me and your work will also done

i suggest you to focus on what you are one can do everything :slight_smile:

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I will not do my friend will do…
He will do that for me

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Same here,can anyone please give your suggestions about my profile,what i need to change etc…

Please be patient. It may take weeks, perhaps even months before your gig catches on and starts earning steady sales. You can, of course, improve this, by marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers that need your services.

Are you doing anything productive to reach out to your target customers?

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I am still waiting for my first order.Here patient is the key…Moreover try to marketing your gig through social media platforms . Hopefully it will work…
Thank you

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Here are some really good points to start your Fiverr journey. Keep patience and work towards your goals.


If you would like advice about your gigs, please create your own thread in Improve My Gig, do not hijack someone else’s thread.


Oops,im new here and i don’t know how this work.Sorry :slight_smile:

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It really worths "KEEP PATIENCE " like a Patient.:smile::smile:

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