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How to get more buyers as a new seller?

How to get more buyers as a new seller?

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You can find new buyers by marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers that need your services.


Can you be more specific?

No, unfortunately, I cannot. Every seller has their own target market, and their own unique customer base. If a seller is serious about building their success, they will take the time to do their own market research, figure out who their specific customers are, and develop creative ways to reach out to them. It is not my responsibility to do that for you, or the OP.


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Actually I don’t want to know your exact tricks or trips just like want to know for promoting which site you prefer? How do you research about your clients. For example I am a web developer. If you are me what will you do first?

I can’t tell you that. You’re going to have to do your own research, and determine what works for you… not copy what I do and hope for the same results. My target market is nothing like yours, and my clients are not your clients. Different markets… different marketing choices.

I am not you. YOU will have to figure out what works for you. I cannot – and will not – provide a step-by-step manual so that you can avoid doing your own business and market research. If you are serious about being a successful freelancer and businessman, you will be willing to do your research and make it happen.

It is not my job to do your work, to make you successful.


You didn’t understand my points.
Anyway thanks.

I understand you and your points just fine.

Good luck as you do your research, and find creative ways to connect to YOUR target market. Without those unique connections, you’re not going to get too far in this business.

Thank you and also wish you all the best.

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