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How to get more buyers request as a new seller?

I’m a new seller, any advice for getting more requests ?
So far I’ve gotten only 2 from which only one fell in my parameters ( I couldn’t do 250 image editing in 24 hours ), so I sent one offer only, should I’ve sent both ?
I’m really confused…


it depends on your gigs. try to make maximum gigs. for new sellers 7 gigs are allowed. choose the exact category related to your job and use most relevant key words in your gig.
A seller sees the buyer requests relating to his/her gigs. so its important to choose the correct category and key words.


good advice @tanveer1975


More gigs with better description and tags.
Keep refreshing your request page every 15 to 30 minutes.

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Descriptions and keyword tags have nothing to do with how many buyer requests you receive.

@webginer please stop spreading false information!


create 7 gigs with proper keywords

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If you read complete line again you will get my point, I said more gigs with better description and tags. More gigs part is first part and it’s obvious if you are going for gig you must do good description and tags. This is a good advice not false information.
Please read full details instead of judging half sentence.
Have a good time🙂

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I totally agree with you on this, but this thread was for a way to get more buyer requests, and although good descriptions and keyword tags are very helpful to get more sales, they don’t help with buyer requests!

Please just know, I’m not trying to be mean or offensive, I just wanted to let you know!

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Thank you guys, I got it more gigs with popular tags and a good description😊.

Even with like 3 similar gigs does usually the seller have to wait a minimum of 1 month before getting their 1st order??

You mean like, 1st 3 will be of the same category, next 2 will be different and the last 3 of another category as well ?

Or 7 similar ones? ->(I yet haven’t seen that anywhere)

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Absolutely true. The more gig the more buyer request

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nice topic for new learners

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