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How to get more Buyers Through Custom Offers

Okay, whenever some one ask you how much it will cost for a specific project on a gig.

The first thing to do is reply politely buy saying thank you for your message and then tell them the cost.

If you know your price is very good, just send them a custom order immediately before they think about looking some where else and they will place the order, Surprisingly it works very well.

I have tried it numerous times and it worked for me, so I know it c an work for you guys too.

That is a great idea I never thought of that.

I tend to prefer to reply first with a written message, tell them my offer, and then wait for confirmation before sending over the Custom Offer. It always feels like it could come across as overly pushy to respond with a Custom Offer immediately. But then again, it sounds like this has been working for you!

Offers also don’t expire until you cancel them. I’ve had old custom quotes come through my queue when I thought I was on vacation. Yikes! Even when I had everything paused. Now I usually cancel them when people don’t respond. Usually people respond. Either “that’s amazing, let’s get started” or Are you out of your mind?"

Reply to @david388: same here. I did the same way. Not all of the people approve my custom offer :frowning:

Custom gigs are working well for me too. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to price larger jobs when you are first starting out. But I am doing my best.

Reply to @david388: Yes but you can also write a message in the custom offer.

Yes, custom offers are great.

I Like custom offers it stops people ordering something which is either underpriced or not possible to do.

You can get everything clarified in your quote meaning everyone is happier and there are no misunderstandings


flamboyant222, this is excellent advice. Sometimes I do need to ask for more info before I send an offer, but not always.

I actually have started offering 2 options one express and one non express offer. ie I send 2 custom quotes.

Make it as easy as possible for a buyer to buy from you :slight_smile: